Dr. Wheuss

Now the day is safely stowed, here’s something from Mardi Gras 2017 – I was asked to imagine a mash-up of Dr. Who and Dr. Seuss. You got it.



Doc’s in box.
“Cops” on box.

Doc’s in box and “Cops” on box.
“Cops” on box when Doc’s in box.

Clocks with ticks come.
Clicks with tocks come.
Clocks with ticks and clicks and tocks come.

Clara rocks in box with “Cops” on.
Doc’s in box where time tick-tocks on.
Time is wibbly, time is wobbly,
Wobble’s timey, wibble’s wimey,
Time is wibbly-wobbly stuffy.
Mister Doc, please don’t be huffy!

Time is useful, box is Wheuss-full,
Clara’s glass is orange-juiceful
With a pint in a half-pint-ful,
On the inside box is bigger,
Time is wobbly, you go figure!

Dock your time-box in a space-port,
You’ll discover that we all ought
To have a…

Docked Copsed tick-tock rocking wibbly-wobbly box
Chock-full of Clara’s Wheussful clicking clocks
And Doctor Wheuss on the loose!

What a trick!


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